E-commerce Revolution in Africa

E-commerce has realized a significant growth in Africa over the past couple of years, as it
contributes 1.1% on average to the continent’s GDP, according to a recent report by Mckinsey
Global Institute. The report alsohighlightsthate-commerceisprojectedtomakeup10%intotal
retail sales in Africa’s major markets translating to $75 billion in annual revenue. The sector is
expected to have an annual growth of 40% in the next decade.More

Boosting socioeconomic development in Africa

Investing in the Bottom of the Pyramid has resulted in a Kenyan mortgage provider growing into Africa’s most profitable bank with a return on asset ratio of 6.84 percent. This has been achieved by servicing the unbanked and under-banked population in the rural and peri-urban environs in five Eastern Africa countries. More


FDI inflows in the face of socio-political risks: The cases of Nigeria and Egypt

The relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and political stability should be intuitively obvious. Conventional wisdom suggests that FDI will flow towards stable, democratic nations with strong institutions and rule of law. Yet, for some African nations, conditions of socio-political risk may not be as uniformly anathema to international private investments as one would imagine. More

How local companies can benefit from China’s presence in Africa?

China’s influence in Africa has grown rapidly in the last decade. Across the continent Chinese companies are hard to miss with involvement in massive infrastructure projects, the establishment of Mandarin teaching centres, and widespread use of ‘Made in China’ technology. More

Banking products and services for the financially enabled

Only one in five African families has a bank account. This low adoption rate can be efficiently increased by financial institutions partnering with telecom providers to implement innovative mobile banking products & services that allow the continent’s 253 million unique subscribers to transact conveniently at affordable rates. More